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This poem reveals a deep seated secret…man is dead.

Poem: The brutal death of man


In many ways man died a long time ago

It was probably in the time of world wars

When man was the subject of violence

The bullet of ideology killed him

Or during the time of the great depression

When man saw his fortune dwindle

And his ability to erect a cool face erased

Man died so many times

In the halls of religion

When he prayed for the death of sinners

Man died at the hands of politics

When he stood with selfishness

And let women and children die of hunger

He died every time women were brutalized

Or during the reckless massacre of innocent children

Man died in the hands of other men

When he was waging a war against inequality

He was killed by those men who joined forces

And formed a formidable force of capitalism

Amputating man’s ability to fend for his family

Decapitating his capabilities

Man died when money entered his pockets

And poisoned his ability to love

Man died at the hospital

When he stood helpless

While his wife was dying

Man was slain by his friends

With their backstabbing ways

Causing his ego to wilt

Man died at the seat of power

He was poisoned by the cup of selfishness

Man died at the crossroads

When no further action was taken

Against those who meted injustices on his family

Man died when he was left alone

With a bottle of alcohol

He injected himself with pain

And died a slow death

Man died when he held a gun

And felt the rush of adrenaline

He was totally decapitated by his own lust for power

Man dies a brutal death

Every time he enters into a pact with the devil


©Kenneth Maswabi




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