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This poem speaks the truth

Poem: The brutal Truth


On the stage of life

Regardless of the show

The truth is the shower

That rinses the hour

Do not be fooled

By the trinket of lies

It cannot replace the truth

In its many facets

Reality has no place for lies

Because lies have short legs

In its many faces

Reality has no use for lies

Lies are easily washed away

In its character

Reality relies on the truth

To give it form and depth

To convince reality

To undress itself of the truth

Lies have to find an accomplice – deception

Deception knows how to speak portions of the truth

In a tone that is totally convincing

But because the truth has no face

Deception cannot mimic its facial expressions

This show can only be a complete farce

The truth is the fabric

That covers our daily deeds

Do not be fooled by those who sprinkle lies

On their tongues

And weave long improbable stories

Reality cannot be built

On falsehoods, lies and deceit

It takes the truth

For reality to stand

This is the brutal truth

On the stage of life

The truth reigns


©Kenneth Maswabi


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