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This poem pours hope onto the canvas of life.

Poem: The canvas of life


I cannot beg for mercy

Under the radius of the sun

I can only submerge myself

Into the mystery of faith, hope and Love

And drink from the spring of life

I have no intention to vacate my problems

I will carry them to the edge of reason

And pour them into the hands of God

I will not be held hostage by fear or hopelessness

I will bury myself into nothingness

And be nourished by the fruits of the spirit

I will not pour scorn onto my neighbour

I will follow the path of Light

And pour myself into the ocean of Love

I will definitely climb on the pedestal of hope

And be the firmament of faith

I will not use my words to betray humanity

I will use my words to portray the canvas of life

I will pour the ink of poetry onto those who are fearful

And they will be liberated from the shackles of the mind

It’s only the full canvas of existence

That can hold our story

We have been beaten, bruised and wounded

We have been to the edge of sanity and insanity

And we have seen the wall of hopelessness

We are now ready to close our eyes

And open our hearts

We are ready to believe in the unknown mysteries

We are ready to walk in faith, hope and Love

©Kenneth Maswabi


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