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This poem is the substance of the canvas of poetry.

Poem: The Canvas of Poetry


On the pathways of life

There are no signposts for poetry to follow

Because the canvas of poetry is within us

Our thoughts, emotions and universe

Our perceptions, illusions and delusions

Our fears, tears and spears (violence)

All of our struggles and victories

Are part of the whole story of poetry

We fall in love and we fall apart

We trip and we fall in our everyday chaos

Busy schedules and timelines are our oppressors

Taking us away from the canvas of poetry

The ever elusive moment of success

Takes us to the worst forms of ourselves

Conniving with the gods of materialism

We find ourselves wrapped in golden moments

Inside the chambers of selfishness and hopelessness

Away from our true selves

We are tempted by the many tastes of life

And we find ourselves entangled in despair and loneliness

Our desires have led us astray so many times

We have now normalized the lies, deceit and wickedness

In our bid to rise beyond our true self

We have constructed the matrix of reason

Inflating our egos to the point of madness

We have trampled on the fabric of our being many times

And now it is almost impossible for some to recognize their true selves

The canvas of poetry is a mirror where we can connect with the path of Light

And be in the presence of the substance of our being

We can consume Silence and find ourselves face to face with emptiness

We can empty ourselves of all the vile and embrace our nakedness

We can retrace our footsteps and fall into the fabric of our existence

We can follow the path of Light into the realm of nothingness

The canvas of poetry is a place for reflections and awareness

A beautiful garden of peace, happiness and Love

The canvas of poetry is the fabric of unconditional Love

The canvas of poetry is God


©Kenneth Maswabi


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