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This poem looks to the spirit world to give an explanation to a series of world events over the years that have caused human sufferings and death.

Poem: The Carnage – war, terrorism, migration and covid-19 outbreak – missing link

I am not a mathematician

I cannot create great mathematical models

To charter the path of time and circumstances

To link the denominator to the numerator

To predict the equation of the future

I am neither a philosopher

To hold at threads of knowledge

And sew a story of parallel universes

I am a spirit poet

Following the winds of time

I cannot loosen myself from my physical incapacitation

And free myself to indulge in my spiritual growth

I have to analyse the predicament of humanity

And look through the prism of time

Not to laugh at the manuscript of history

But to open the curtain of knowledge

And may be to close the door of ignorance

First it was war and terrorism giving us glimpses of untoward human sufferings

Then came migrations of millions of refugees – from Africa and Middle Eastern Countries

Fleeing the path of violence

Mothers and their babies

Risking the Mediterranean ocean currents

In tiny dinghy boats

To have a taste of peace in foreign lands

Finally we are compressed by the coronavirus

People from all facets of life dropping dead

Neither country nor village

Spared the brunt of the carnage

Scientists held to helplessness

As they prescribed social distancing

And the face mask became a norm

Is it possible that humanity has trespassed into unchartered terrain?

I the spirit poet looking deep into the spiritual realms

Foresee a great suffering – as tormented spirits wallowing in years of poverty and injustices

Seek their revenge

Selfishness has overgrown the landscape of the world

From boardrooms to classrooms

Corruptions has been planted in the psyche of man (woman)

And individualism has been permanently erected

Competition is the order of the day

Lies and deceit are part of the curriculum

Democracy and capitalism are boxed together

The rich are getting richer at the expense of the poor

Inequality has ballooned

But nobody seems to care for the poor and vulnerable

The UN is not what it was supposed to be

WHO has lost its formidable reputation

The USA is wallowing in the after effects of 400 years of constructed racism

EU is not spared – unfocused and toothless – under the grasp of technocrats and bureaucrats

Russia and China are locked in self-admiration and denial – the curse of pseudo dictatorships

South America needs to come to the table and occupy the seat of togetherness

The Middle East needs to come out of the court of medieval squabbles

Africa is not spared the curse of hungry vultures – post colonialism mental and ethical deprivations

As looting of state resources is a norm

Unless the world dismantle the mechanism of capitalism and inequality

And re-write the manuscript of democracy and prosperity

To hold humanity accountable

To each and every one of the masses

And address the needs of the poor and vulnerable

The world will continue to suffer

Only Love can change our path

And bring us back to normality


© Kenneth Maswabi








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