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This poem goes deep into the realm of wickedness

Poem: The Chalice of Wickedness


This is not a glass of wine

It is something far darker than red wine

It is the heart of Man turned upside down

By the poisonous substance of hate, jealousy and selfishness

The chalice of wickedness is brewed and consumed by ferocious snakes

Men and women, who harbour malicious spells in their hearts

Like sleuths, they are masters at the art of waiting and pouncing

Always hiding under the shadows of darkness

Waiting for the illuminated bowl of light to appear

They cannot stand the sight of a good heart

Their compulsion to destroy is far too strong

Their pungent smell is a form of snake venom

Their scaly hearts contains the most malignant form of wickedness

These reptilian human beings are alive today

In the boardrooms, family gatherings and within our circle of friends

These are creatures of slander, malice and pure evil

They find joy in the twisted world of the heartless

Manipulating minds and paralyzing the whole thought process

Pouring their wicked spells on their unsuspecting prey

They have caused a lot of pain to many of their victims

Destroying families and breaking down relationships

They are the undiagnosed malignant cancers in our societies

They are walking free within our midst

Always protected by an aura of evil

They seem to be untouchable

But the day will come

When all their scandalous ways will be exposed

And judgement will befall them

God’s wrath will descend upon them

There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth

©Kenneth Maswabi





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