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This poem is about the chaos in our mind’s framework

Poem: The Chaos of Chaos


In the wake of its path of destruction

Chaos left mothers wailing on the floor

Children wallowing in the pool of uncertainty

Fathers uprooted and families destroyed

Humanity in shambles

But why do we aid chaos?

With our stubbornness

And our big heads

Why do we choose selfishness or wickedness?

When we know that it will destroy us

Why do we embrace anger and hatred?

When we are certain of its poisonous sting

The chaos of chaos is found in the mind of Man

His elaborate logical thoughts

Are only a façade for chaos to inhabit

It is not that the substance of our being is rotten

It is the most beautiful entity ever created

But yet we choose the substance of gray and white matter

To be our guide and classroom

We have abandoned the doctrine of unconditional Love

In search for greener pastures

We have chased after materialism

To sooth our anxieties and hopelessness

We deserted the bowl of our existence

With its fibre of peace, happiness, hope and love

There is no other life but to hold Love in our being

To be the template of the eternal Light


©Kenneth Maswabi




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