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This poem is a path to stillness and peace of mind.

Poem: The Chaotic Winds of Today


This is the era of chaos

But goodness has to stand still

God is the Light of the world

There is no need to panic

The curtain of darkness is coming down

There is a lot of panic in the streets

Some are blaming governments

Others are blaming each other

Selfishness, corruption and wickedness are displayed

In the highest offices and boardrooms of the world

The face of anger is everywhere

The fabric of the current knowledge system is in turmoil

There is no place to hide the truth

The people are standing up

It is the brutal destruction of darkness

The constructed reality is falling apart

The windows of uncertainty are open

The fabric of life is torn apart

There is only one solution

To hold faith, hope and Love in your being

To unbutton your disbelief

And make an audit of your belief systems

There is no place for panic in your discourse

Find the tabernacle of your being

And unfold the fabric of existence

It is the canvas of life that is distorted

Be the door that ushers in the Light of God

Be the emptiness that is resistant to chaos

Be the fabric of certainty


©Kenneth Maswabi



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