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This poem unveils the ray of hope.

Poem: The choice is yours


The choice is yours


The tide came to my shores

To tell me a story of the deep waters of the spirit

There is an awesome God inside each and every one of us

We cannot lie down in hopelessness

We cannot grieve even in the midst of unforetold suffering

We have to disrobe ourselves of our fear

We have to find the depth of our spirit

Whether in prayer or Silence

We have to unbutton our consciousness

We have to be clear of any impurities

We have to drink from the well of living waters

The choice is ours to make

To choose hope over hopelessness

The tyranny of time is not our concern

The beauty within is our only strength

It’s our duty to be still amidst the turmoil

To hold hope above our own understanding

The next tide will come soon

To give us the good news


©Kenneth Maswabi


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