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This poem encourages people to use common sense and follow every precautionary measures against COVID-19 Outbreak.

Poem: The classroom of common sense

In this classroom

There are no complex equations

Or algorithms of unknown mysteries

There are no mystical portions

Laced with the most potent spells

There are no walls

To separate stupidity from foolishness

Or intelligence from academic excellence

In this classroom

There are no hard answers

Dipped in mathematical uncertainties

There are no foreign languages

To hide the truth

There are no puzzles

To stop us from thinking

There are no pepper sprays

To choke our vision

In this classroom

Life is slightly black and white

And every stone you see is a stone

Every fire you ignite

Will burn you

Unless you apply common sense

To distinguish reality from nonsense

To extinguish the lies before they hatch

To wash yourself of all conspiracies

And heed the voice of common sense

It’s in times like this (covid-19 Outbreak)

When death is on every fabric of life

That common sense is needed

It’s a bandage to address our foolishness

It’s the light to undress our ego

Common sense is free

Let’s use it

Practice social distancing

Wear your face mask in public

Wash your hands more often

Stay safe

And stay alive


©Kenneth Maswabi


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