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This poem is not a school of thoughts.

Poem: The Classroom of Consciousness

This is not a school of thoughts
It is a source of wisdom, hope, peace and happiness
Don’t look for the bright side of the classroom
The whole place is illuminated and sanctified
The classroom of consciousness is a beacon of hope
An ocean of awareness beyond our mental capacity
We don’t need high IQ’s in this classroom
We need the wholeness of our being
Mind, body and soul that are in true harmony
The spirit that is awake
This is the beginning of the awakened self
The classroom of consciousness is a beautiful garden
To cultivate the spirit of humanity, togetherness and unconditional Love
It is a place to know your true self and to find your true purpose
It is a place to know the unknown and be part of the mystery
The classroom of consciousness is a tabernacle of prayer, meditation and Silence
It is an altar for us to sacrifice our lives
And be the fibre of the everlasting existence
It is the substance of being that needs to be awakened and illuminated
This is the dismantling of the impossible
The cultivation of all possibilities
The classroom of consciousness is the abode of God
A place to know the Truth and be liberated of Ego (fear, hopelessness, selfishness and wickedness)
In this classroom, there is only one topic
The covenant of unconditional Love is the lesson for ever and ever
©Kenneth Maswabi
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