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This poem is the colour of happiness.

Poem: The colour of happiness


Dressed with a veil of heaven

Happiness is a rare colour

That emerges when the soul blooms

Into a beautiful colourful canopy of life

Happiness is a precious gem

Even more precious than diamonds

Happiness sparkles with the radiance of a star

And envelopes life with the aura of vitality

Peeling off all negativity

Happiness is a life force

That nourishes the spirit

Filling it with joy

Happiness is medicine

That heals the body, mind and soul

Happiness is a drug

Equivalent to a million vials of ecstasy

Happiness is a spell

That encapsulates life with spiritual ornaments

Creating heaven on earth

Happiness is a catalyst

That activates the body, mind and soul

Into a chain reaction of Love

Happiness is a flammable substance

When ignited it engulfs the soul

Setting it on fire

It’s the beauty of the soul

That permeates the body and mind

Producing the colour of happiness


©Kenneth Maswabi


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