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This poem explores the many colours of life.

Poem: The colour of the spirit


Many colours were made

For the earth to be a colourful globe

Nature to unveil its wealth

Mankind to show his unfolding personalities

And the sky to be a place of unlimited opportunities

The colour of the spirit was left undefined

For the realm of imagination to try to define

And the realm of the spirit to keep as a secret

It’s the divergent opinions that makes the colour of the spirit

A hot topic in today’s world

Some will say the spirit is a colourless entity

Others will paint the spirit with the whiteness of the snow

Many will refrain from colouring the spirit in black

Probably because they are afraid of the dark

It’s true fear is an emotion of the flesh

The spirit exist in fearlessness

Again others will look to the sky

And make the colour of the spirit as blue as the ocean

It’s possible some will look to the flames

And paint the spirit as either red hot

Or even an intense white flame

But again there are so many colours to choose from

Now what is the true colour of the spirit?

My guess is that it’s the colour of God

The spirit is a true symbol of God

The spirit exist in the realm of nothingness

Not even colour exist in the presence of God

All colours are beautifully laid to rest

Only God’s Love is illuminated

The colour of the spirit is the colour of God’s Love


©Kenneth Maswabi



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