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This poem is the colour of happiness

Poem: The colour of true happiness

It is quite colourful to talk about happiness
It is the happy thoughts that paint my mind with happiness
It is the solid frame that holds them in perfect harmony
And the beautiful well of radiant light that envelopes them
True happiness is not a commodity on the market stalls
It is a brightly coloured oddity on the surface of life
True happiness is not a summary of your achievements or identities
It is the absence of ripples on the substance of your being
In its entirety, happiness permeates the substance of being
Injecting a sense of knowing that is beyond knowledge
An awareness that is beyond the present reality
Happiness is a smooth flow of the spirit on the surface of life
It is manifested in subtle but colourful ways
The easily summoned smile and the ever present laughter
The humble and kind heart, peace of mind and the free spirit
The deep understanding of the human situation
The willingness to pour yourself on the canvas of life
And the heart that is full of unconditional love
Happiness wraps across all virtues
Uniting them into a knot of pleasure
It is the ecstasy of knowing
Happiness is the cover of a beautiful spirit
©Kenneth Maswabi

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