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This poem is the fibre of my being.

Poem: The Composition of Spirit Poetry


There are no stretches of imagination

That can deliver to you the contents of the spirit

It is only through listening to the Silence within

That you can be truly liberated

To enter the realm of true freedom

And submerge yourself in peace and unconditional Love

Spirit poetry is not for those who lack compassion or humility

It is composed inside the fabric of existence

It is composed for lovers, dreamers, seekers and those with the goodness of heart

Actually, spirit poetry is not composed, it is poured on the still canvas of life

And allowed to sink into the fabric of being

I, the spirit poet, have the gift of seeing beyond my eyes

I am able to illuminate the substance of being

And look through the canvas of existence

In this state, I am completely submerged in nothingness

And I am a molecule of Silence

This is the carpet of existence

And I am the fibre of being

Loosely translated, I am

No identities, no attachment, no expectations

Just a calmness beyond my usual self

This is the home of Spirit Poetry


©Kenneth Maswabi



Attachments are the solid hook that we fall for, just like fish in the water…we die to our true selves just to get a bite of the world….

Inspired by the honourable Poet Mildred Par

©Kenneth Maswabi




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