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This poem opens a can of worms…inequality.

Poem: The conditions are not the same


In the classroom of life

Knowledge is a key component

Not only in the race for wealth and success

But also in the department of psychology

Knowledge boosts morale

Giving one the confidence of a lion

And the etiquette of a gentleman (or woman)

Knowledge is the broom

That sweeps clean the fabric of understanding

Allowing wisdom to flow

It’s of utmost importance

That we state the facts

Inequality kills not only the economic value of a person

It destroys the psychological fabric

Eroding the natural platforms for talent to flourish

In today’s world, educational inequality is entrenched

The conditions of learning are not the same

But the requirements for success are placed far higher than necessary

It makes no common sense

To find a student in today’s world

Sitting on his lap

On the racecourse of life (classroom)

It’s a pity that regardless of our technological progress

Humanity has remained stagnant in his moral and human rights deliberations

It’s of fundamental importance

To raise the platform of learning

For every child regardless of race or colour

It should be a basic human right

For every child to be given education

In a clean and conducive environment

Otherwise, humanity will remain rooted

On the fundamentally broken platform of inequality


©Kenneth Maswabi


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