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This poem is a path of tears.

Poem: The Constructed Existence


Because of lack of knowledge

Many are foraging far away from their true being

Driven by the cunning hand of the egocentric self

Lured by the superficial lushness of the material world

Attracted by the ever expanding perimeter of selfishness

Many have walked away from their true self (Nothingness)

Penetrating the wilderness of the unknown world

They have deserted the nature and purpose of their existence

A new form of being is being nurtured and nourished (Ego)

The space between nothingness and ego is widening

With new technology and material success

Many will find themselves stranded a long way from home

This new constructed reality harbours far more dangerous forces

Fear is awakened to encapsulate the self

Not out of truthfulness

But out of lies, deceit and illusions

Hopelessness, boredom and loneliness will arise

And inhabit our being

Depression will increase

Suicide and violence will continue to increase

It’s the nature of the constructed reality to feed us with logic

And try to wipe away the need for solitude, togetherness and love

The tunnel of hope will be buried

And faith, hope and Love denounced

Ego is the illusion of existence

Now it’s not too late to turn back

And look within

It’s here where you will find Silence (Stillness)

In this silence, you will be undressed of your ego

And a garment of Love will be unveiled

Our true self is made of nothingness

And our true form is Love

Our purpose is Unconditional Love

God is Love


©Kenneth Maswabi





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