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This poem is place of joy.

Poem: The contents of a good heart

A good heart is a garden

Fully cultivated

Blooming with Love

A good heart is full of peace

Not the kind of peace that is full of shadows

But peace that is totally submerged in Light

A good heart is a bastion of compassion

Compassion is a river of Love

That flows spontaneously into other people’s hearts

It’s not the joy of bringing hope to other people that drives a good person

It’s the hope of bringing Love to their hearts that gives a good heart joy

A good heart is a beautiful place

Not because it’s built with marbles and gold

But because it contains the most precious element in all of eternity

A good heart is full of Love

Not the kind of Love that is full of deceit and logic

A good heart is clothed with unconditional Love

A good heart is a flower

Not the kind of flower that withers with the changing seasons

But the Love that can withstand all seasons

A good heart is a house

A house that’s built to serve God and all of His Creation

A good heart is a place to find your peace

A good heart is a mirror to reflect your true self

A good heart is a spiritual realm

Totally submerged in nothingness

A place of Silence and emptiness

A place of total surrender

A place of solitude

An everlasting place (eternity)


©Kenneth Maswabi


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