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This poem talks about the good times before COVID-19 Outbreak and looks forward to life after the pandemic.

Poem: The cord of pleasure

I miss the good times

My heart inside the jar of pleasure

My sorrow broken down into little pieces of emptiness

My laughter a beautiful tune of joy

My tears solidified into memories

My smile a beacon of everything beautiful

My mind submerged in ecstasy

My body trembling with excitement

My soul a slow moving stream of goodness

My spirit a whole ocean of Love

It’s these beautiful moments

That makes life a joy

Even as we toil under the canopy of sorrow

And our hearts are incapacitated

I know one day the sun shall rise again

And the good times shall roll

We will chew on the cord of pleasure

We will laugh again

We will sing and dance

We will celebrate the good times

We will be happy again


© Kenneth Maswabi


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