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This poem is not intended to cause fear but to unveil the path of Hope.

Poem: The cost of Capitalism


To the human face

Capitalism has created trouble

All kinds of emotions have nested there

Some corrosive and full of venom

And others full of sorrow and tears

Destroying the ability to smile and laugh

Erecting a permanent wall of defence

The human face has been turned into a shield


To the human hands

Capitalism has created a tool

To dig through the tunnel of hope

Or bury the tears of suffering

To handle the pressures of business

Or punch the face of the enemy

Creating an unstable weapon

The human hands can caress you

Or arrest you


To the human mind

Capitalism has created a landmine

Not fully buried or exposed

The human mind has created both fear and hopelessness

Puncturing the veil of our tranquillity

The human mind is ever submerged in thoughts

Thoughts of selfishness, deceit and anger

Found their way into our heads

To torment our substance of being

To create a ripple effect of pain, fear and sorrow

To the human race

Capitalism has exposed the gullibility of the human psyche

Very easily tempted and full of selfishness

The human psyche is full of uncertainty

One minute it’s embracing Love

The next moment it is committing atrocities

All in the name of power and money

The human psyche is not nourished by the pot of materialism

The human psyche is destroyed by all the modern technological achievements

Falling deep into the abyss

The human psyche is a ticking time bomb

Whether nuclear holocaust

Or climate change

The human psyche will bury us one day


Unless we change our ways

And find our true self

Capitalism is going to destroy us one day


©Kenneth Maswabi



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