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This poem is full of appetising foods.

Poem: The cud of poetry


Poetry is a sensational meal

Consumed in the privacy of one’s heart

Like succulent black berries

Poetry arises from the higher branches of consciousness

Fully formed and richly flavoured with sweetness

It’s quite an experience to chew on the cud of poetry

From juicy particles of ripe poetic fruits

To the most delicious taste of poetic nectar

Poetry has limitless tastes

All folded under the elongated tongue of our minds

It’s our consciousness that chooses the best poetic meals

Preparing a banquet for our ever expanding audience

It’s a buffet full of all kinds of exotic poetic foods

Poetry is planted in our hearts

Its petals fully coloured

Its roots buried deep in our soul

It’s a spectacle to witness the unfolding petals of poetry

As it reaches out into the vastness of our domain

It’s like a fast flowing stream of pearls

It’s an outpouring of precious moments

That solidifies into beautiful diamonds

Inside our petrified hearts

Poetry is pure ecstasy

Melting inside our being



Kenneth Maswabi




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