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This poem teaches us a lesson about time

Poem: The curriculum of Time


Time teaches us many things – good and bad

Both sorrow and joy are part of the curriculum

It is not a mistake for time to teach us fear and hopelessness

Because uncertainty is part of the world of time

Time will not give us the correct measurements of hope

Because hope goes beyond the perimeter of time

It is true that time will give us experiences and acquaintances

Time will also give us identities, expectations, achievements and attachments

Just to erase them (without consultation) through the hands of death

It is not an anomaly to be fed chaos or hopelessness

It is the nature of time to oscillate between sorrow and joy

One minute you are fully dressed in joy

The other minute you are enveloped in sadness

It is terrible to live under the canopy of time

This classroom is full of algorithms that will take you to dead ends

Time will give you a gift of happiness and then take it away

It will submerge you in tears and then brighten your sky with laughter

The curriculum of time is not smooth and easy

You need to learn to disrobe yourself of time

And exist outside the classroom of time

Then you will taste true happiness, peace and Love

Every now and then, give yourself a break

From all the tumultuous passage of time

And enter the dimensionless realm of Silence

Here you will find yourself submerged in nothingness

You will find true wisdom – faith, hope and Love

And your life will never be the same


©Kenneth Maswabi





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