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This poem is an eye opener.

Poem: The curse of materialism


Everyone yearns to be encrusted with the finest things in life

To occupy the pedestal of material success

To be clothed in the most beautiful material artefacts

To be in the company of the rich and wealthy

To be known the world over

It’s the entrapment of materialism (selfishness)

It’s the despair of loneliness

It’s the sorrow of separation

It’s the constructed reality

It’s an exercise in futility

Vanity of vanities all is vanity


Let’s pause and look on the spiritual side of things

We are made from the perfect fabric of consciousness

We are clothed in the most beautiful spirit of faith, hope and Love

We are the temple of God

We are the strand in the fabric of eternity

We are the canvas of existence

We are the fibre of freedom

The bowl of spirituality (consciousness)

Our true reality

Our home






Until we embrace our inner being

We will not be quenched of our thirstiness (loneliness)

Our sorrow will not be wiped away

Our yearning will not be satisfied

Our lives will not be free

It’s the curse of materialism


©Kenneth Maswabi


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