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This poem closes the curtain of life

Poem: The Curtain of Life


There is so much hidden under this veil

But the Light of God sees everything under the heavens

It is not uncommon for people to bask in the delight of life

Totally wrap themselves with the silky blanket of life

Submerging themselves in the contents of life

And be lost in the thicket of life

Life is so sweet to the tongue

Even though sometimes it is full of bitterness

It is the magnetism of the earthly desires and aromatic tastes

That draws people to the deepest parts of life

Life is absolutely beautiful

Even though sometimes it is a place of sorrow

It is the wilderness of life that attracts our wildest desires

Throwing us into a hypnotic state of unawareness

Totally blinding our eyes, hiding the Light of God

Life is full of magical moments

This is the stuff that houses our inner beings

Filling us with the heavenly glory

In these moments, we are fully aware of our true selves

And we wallow in the glorious discovery of our inheritance

We are momentarily aware of the richness of the spirit within

We are momentarily connected with the deep ocean of our being

In these moments, we are truly free, happy and full of Love

We are at peace with ourselves and very far away from our worries

But this is a flicker of timelessness, the moment is decomposed immediately we discover it

It becomes a glorious memory inside the vault of our minds

It becomes hidden inside the field of our misery

It becomes a distant glittering star, full of mystery

Yet, we remain hopeful of its return

Overtaken by our blindness

We fail to lift the curtain of Life and immense ourselves in the beauty of God

We fail to open our hearts to meet our heavenly self

We are stuck in the traffic congestion of our own thoughts and emotions

Totally unaware of the dangers behind the curtain of life

Foraging very far away from our burrows (inner being)

We are trapped in our own illusions (ego)

Chasing after the pot of materialism

We neglect our innermost state of being, our connection to God

We find ourselves trapped in uncertainty, fear and hopelessness

The curtain of life too dark to allow the Light of God into our hearts

We pour ourselves on the contents of darkness

Selfishness and wickedness become our source of happiness

Totally clueless of our fate, we unknowingly enter the gates of evil

This is the darkest place in the whole of eternity

It is totally shielded from the Light of God


©Kenneth Maswabi




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