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This poem opens a curtain of mystery.

Poem: The curtain of nothingness


The spirit poet is naked

Except for the curtain of nothingness

That wraps around his being

It’s the openness of the heart

That stirs the spirit

To emerge from the burrows of eternity

And paint the colourful petals of existence

It’s the presence of the truth

That lifts the vase of knowledge

Pouring wisdom into the mouth of life

It’s the ocean of Love

That submerges the poet into waves of ecstasy


The spirit poet is empty

Except for the substance of nothingness

That holds the secrets to the whole of eternity

It’s the silence within

That showers him with understanding

Unloading the contents of the unknown

Into the palm of his being

It’s the fabric of consciousness

That weaves a branch of life

Into the tree of his existence

Pouring the breath of life

Into the fabric of his being

It’s the cup of awareness

That fills him with hope

Unfastening the buttons to the secrets of life

Submerging him into the realm of Light


The spirit poet is free

Except for the fire of Love

That engulfs his being

Illuminating the substance of his soul


©Kenneth Maswabi



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