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This poem reveals the true source of fear

Poem: The cycle of fear


In the world of sensory perception

The body, mind and soul is fed information

From all the five accepted modalities of knowing

Our senses have been given the difficult task

Of feeding us all kinds of information

The stem of our being – nothingness – has been decapitated

Our soul relegated to the periphery

And our brain/mind divide has been shattered

By the accumulation of chunks of unnecessary information

Causing unnecessary biopsychosocial pathology to manifest

Depression and other mental problems are on the rise

Anxiety and paranoia are taking over our lives

We have swallowed the bitter pill of recklessness

Putting ourselves at the junction of information highways

Denying ourselves the peace of Silence and nothingness

Our thoughts and emotions have become toxic rivers of instability

We have sacrificed our happiness for a piece of furniture (materialism)

We have accepted the limitations of logic as our only way of life

Encircling ourselves with the parameters of fear (selfishness and wickedness)

The cycle of fear is ever present and ready to swallow us

In its whirlpool of hopelessness

It’s terrible to enclose yourself in logic

And not allow true knowledge to seep through the fabric of existence

Into the vessel of your life

Peace, happiness and Love come from within

Born from the illuminated path of Light

Faith, hope and Love

It’s only through the cultivation of the spirit

That one is freed from the tentacles of knowledge (thoughts and emotions)

We need to disentangle ourselves from the ever expansive web of knowledge

And allow our body, mind and spirit to be submerged in nothingness

We need to let go of our curiosity and enormous appetite for knowledge

And allow the truth to shine the Light within our souls

We need to rid ourselves of all toxic information

And be templates of goodness, gentleness and happiness

We need to allow peace to settle in our being

And be empty of fear

The cycle of fear is man-made

True knowledge is the only sword that can cut through its fibres

And submerge you in eternal bliss

The truth will set you free


©Kenneth Maswabi


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