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This poem unveils the truth about logic.

Poem: The death of logic


The inner and outer realms of life

Remain separated by a veil of unawareness

It’s not the thickness of the veil

That hides the truth

It’s the logic that clouds the mind

It’s not true

That the mind is on a path of inquiry

The mind is a sail inside the ship of consciousness

It’s the winds of consciousness (logic)

That clouds the mind

Pushing the ship of consciousness

Away from its resting place

Into the path of uncertainty

The mind, body and soul must be still

For the ship of consciousness

To find the path of Light

It’s the death of logic (stillness)

That unveils the beacon of hope

And paddles the heart

To the shores of existence

It’s now or never

That humanity must understand the limits of logic

And lean not to our understanding

But let the Spirit of God

Be our guiding Light



Kenneth Maswabi




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