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This poem exposes the current state of reason.

Poem: The death of reason


More and more people are starting to question the fabric of reason

Willing to drink from the bowl of delusions

Or to venture in parallel universes

Many people are taking flight from the pedestal of reason

Choosing to gather around conspiracy theories

Hoping to secure the perimeter of their own (selfish) interests

Many are denouncing the basis of logic

Not out of true awareness of the unknown

But out of hopelessness and selfishness

For eons of years, spirituality has illuminated realms beyond reason

Not out of the desire to deceive humanity

But out of unconditional Love

And the need to untie the heart of man from the physical world and materialism

We have reached a juncture in life

Where many are willing to follow false teachings and ideologies

In order to justify their belief systems

Or to feed their hopelessness and ego

It’s a terrible mistake for humanity to depart from the truth

And venture into the world of wickedness

Where deception, lies and untruths are peddled in the streets of life

In order to gain control of the human spirit

Humanity stands at the crossroads

Fondling with the idea of freedom

But not knowing which way to take

True freedom is a spiritual phenomenon

With its roots deep in the realm of the spirit

Flowing into our daily lives

To nourish and polish the garden of life

It’s the unrestricted appetite for money (materialism)

That has broken the wall of reason

And shattered the heart of logic

Until we stand up and revise our knowledge and belief systems

And repair our democratic institutions

Emphasizing the needs of all people regardless of colour, race and religion

Denouncing inequality and racial profiling

Eradicating poverty and diseases

Humanity is on the verge of collapse and total chaos

The democratic system has been punctuated with corruption

Capitalism has stolen from the heart of humanity

Our moral fibres are hanging loose

Individualism has taken root

Selfishness is the order of the day


©Kenneth Maswabi



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