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This poem is far more than loneliness.

Poem: The despair of loneliness


Loneliness is not only a weed on the fabric of life

It inhabits the mind, body and soul

Contaminating the deeper parts of the human spirit

It’s not a substance of abuse by the human mind

It’s a yearning emerging outside the fibres of the physical realm

Its tentacles protrudes out of the spiritual realm

Reaching into the house of humanity

Not to comfort and soothe the human heart

But to remind it of the everlasting grief

That occupies the heart of wickedness (absence of Love)

Loneliness is not a venomous monster

It’s a malignant tumour

That keeps on growing and growing

Until it occupies the whole substance of being

Causing the great separation in the substance of the mind, body and soul

This is the despair of loneliness

It’s a far more dangerous entity

That can tear through flesh

With its ferocious claws (negative thoughts)

Leading to depression and even suicide

This entity is not born of the flesh

It’s a far darker and aggressive monster

It knows neither light nor darkness

It is the substance of pure evil

It’s not destroyed by the latest technology or the best medicine

It’s only the Light from within

That can puncture its fabric

It’s only God’s Love that can extinguish its flame

Be in Love

Be the Love


©Kenneth Maswabi

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