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This poem is a diagnosis of the current state of the world.

Poem: The Diagnosis

The Diagnosis


In the art of diagnosis

The matrix of knowledge is punctured

Not to annihilate the structure of logic

But to give meaning to a sickness

To diagnose, first you must listen

Not only to your patient

But also to yourself

You must then understand

Interpret every particle of knowledge

And examine the body of evidence

You may need to order some tests

And take images of the suspected area

This is a humbling experience

As you dig into the fibre of life

You can only pray to God to come close to the truth

And relieve the patient of their suffering

Or sometimes just alleviate the anxiety

And bring some sense to a desperate situation

This is the art of diagnosis in a nut shell


Now, let us apply this same art of diagnosis to the state of the world

The world is infested with sorrow, suffering and debilitating pain

We can watch and allow nature to take its cause

Or we can begin to listen to ourselves and the world

The chattering within has so much to say

The streets are fully loaded with questions

The people are drowning in misery

The body of the world has been overpowered by Covid-19 disease

Not because we have a lack of resources

Or a deficiency in our technological knowhow

It is the faulty system of human thought that is sick

Vaccines are being hoarded by the wealth countries

While the virus is metamorphosing

New variants are entering the scene

While humanity is peddling in the produce of inequality

Shunting our ability to contain the pandemic

It is only through a conscientious effort

By both the rich and poor countries

That we can reach some kind of milestone

In this fight against the Coronavirus-19


©Kenneth Maswabi







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