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This poem is a warning to humanity.

Poem: The dislocation of reason

The human mind is not bound to reason
Or any man-made treaties and charters
It is a fluid substance that is flammable
It can lubricate the world order to work in near perfect harmony
Or ignite the engines of destruction
The world has witnessed the dislocation of reason
The massive explosion of chaos in the face of the world
The substance of reason has been turned into a bowl of turmoil
The intentional destruction of common sense
And the overwhelming bombardment of reason
Humanity is witnessing an unprecedented assault on a big chunk of the human mind
In a matter of days, the world has been changed forever
Nuclear war has once again come to the forefront of human dialogue
Uncertainty is enveloping the world once again
The time for humanity to wake up is now
Unless we re-visit our spiritual relic
And fully embrace our true purpose
We are forever doomed
It is time to embark on a timeless journey
Into the deepest recesses of our being
It is time to follow the illuminated path of Light
And let the Truth set us free
©Kenneth Maswabi
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