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This poem is looking for order

Poem: The disordered order


Mankind is an expert in the field of the disordered order

Through the years of turmoil and peace

Mankind has maintained his appetite

For this reckless philosophy

Keep the disorder inside the order

And chaos will not be seen

We saw this philosophy applied through the Roman Dutch law

Keep the police well fed and the society will behave

From the dusty corners of the planet

To the mangled dark alleys of the industrialised world

Poverty was kept hidden

Inside the delicate eggshells of fragile democracies

The disquiet was properly hidden inside the peaceful facial expressions

The emergency of pandemics is not an anomaly

Inside the disordered order of the present world

We have mastered the art of hiding behind our finger

We ignored the fact that the ripples of chaos are breeding more chaos

We were satisfied with our new found atmosphere of peace and prosperity

We were breeding monsters, from terrorism to pandemics

We have more tsunamis coming our way

Unless we accept that this unspoken philosophical state of affairs is broken

We will continue to nurse our wounds

We will continue to wallow in sorrow and pain

We will host the winds of uncertainty forever

We will not find the fibre of peace inside the vastness of our consciousness

Poverty is mankind’s number one enemy

We have to dig it out of its burrows in our homes

We have to eradicate it from the fragile bodies of our children

We have to plant a sense of all for one, one for all

Selfishness is Mankind’s downfall


©Kenneth Maswabi


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