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This poem unveils a secret

Poem: The Disruption


This is not an academic discussion cut short

This is a pandemic excursion into our daily lives

The election of a humongous pathogen into the office of human affairs

The dissolution of a harmonious society

It is the demarcation of our minds into sections of peace and fear

The demonstration of hope and hopelessness

The dissection of the human psyche into slices of sanity and insanity

The creation of toxic environments and safe havens

The action of disrupting the human physical and mental exuberances

The insertion of spirituality into our daily routine and timelines

The epistle of the darkest chapter in human history

The epic of sorrow, death and resilience

The final episode of death by suffocation

The disruption is an onslaught on Mankind’s constructed reality

The tearing down of the great billboard of human progress

The systematic destruction of a formidable foe (ego)

The disruption is not the final battle between pathogens and Man

It is the final chapter in the book of humanity as a divided race

It is the creation of a new human base that share the same scars

This is the basis of the next episode of love, consciousness and humanity

The lifting of the darkest curtain on the window of life is imminent

The rays of hope are finally on our doorstep

The illuminated path of light is a whole new kind of experience


©Kenneth Maswabi



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