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This poem is a journey into the Silence of being.

Poem: The Divine Nature


Intoxicated by hope

I have entered the realm of Light

Not to be confused with the house of saints

I am far from being a saint

I am just starting my journey as a seeker and dreamer

I don’t believe in any form of consecrations

Because the divine nature is not an act

It takes not courage but hope to exit the perimeter of logic

I am only attracted by the intoxicating substance of Love

It takes Love to enter the realm of Nothingness

I am following the trail of Silence

Into the deepest part of my being

I am drunk with the call of the unknown

I am now a cocoon of hope

There is no distraction on this path

For me to forsake my madness

I am totally submerged in the ecstasy of Love

Everything I do, I do it for Love

Every dream I make

It is a dream of Love

I am a poem of Love

Scribbled on the hands of time

I am looking for my beloved

Inside the palm of my being

Totally naked, I have let my spirit roam free

Inside the corridors of life

Not to display the contents of my madness

But to illuminate the monument of peace

That exist inside our hearts

Silence is the womb of existence

And the overflowing river of life

In Silence, I am rejuvenated

And refurbished

My spirit is polished

And displayed inside the cubicle of life

It is in my divine nature

To swallow the substance of hope

To occupy the summit of Love


©Kenneth Maswabi



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