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This is a poem advocating for the equal sharing of resources as a basic human right.

Poem: The doctrine of equality

It’s not heaven sent

It’s the fabric of existence

It’s not a matrix of astronomical numbers

It’s a bastion of hope

It’s not enveloped in selfishness

It’s a manuscript for selflessness

It’s not a power wielding tool

It’s a tool to empower the masses

It’s not a trick to hypnotize the world

It’s a moment of truth

It’s not a bandage to anesthetize the stinking world

It’s medicine to the ailing heart of humanity

It’s not a new brand of religion

It’s the foundation of all goodness

It’s not a barricade to stop the flow of wealth

It’s a conveyor belt to feed the poor and vulnerable

It’s not a wall to stop all new innovations and inventions

It’s an envelope to hold us together inside the tent of prosperity

It’s not a fragile accord to appease the masses

It’s a master document to pave a way to a bright future for all


©Kenneth Maswabi



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