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This poem reveals the depth of my being.

Poem: The dreamer in me


The dreamer in me wants to taste the contents of life

Not the lavish taste of delicacies at the table of materialism

But the taste of being a true vessel of humanity

The taste of knowing how to Love

The taste of unconditional Love

The taste of kindness, compassion and humility

The taste of the fruits of the spirit

The taste of hope, faith and Love


The dreamer in me want to explore the canopy of existence

Not to look at the branches of the physical world

But to delve deep into the realm of consciousness

And open the veil of mystery

To remove the layer of blindness in my eyes

And see through the hidden meaning of Love

To come closer to the river of life

And may be drink from the oasis of peace


The dreamer in me is always seeking

Looking through the window of consciousness

Into the deepest parts of being

It’s not madness that I am looking for

But if insanity is all it takes

I am willing to drink from the bowl of madness

May be I will unbutton my heart

And walk through the curtain of mystery

I will pierce the armour of the unknown

And step into the realm of the spirit

I will come to my senses inside the tabernacle of Love

Where I will lay down inside the everlasting Life

I will touch the fabric of existence

With my heart

I will drink from the palm of being

And be filled with the waters of the spirit

My body, mind and soul will be a tree of life

Not a place of fear and selfishness

But a sacred place full of Light (awareness)

God Almighty will dwell in my heart

And my dream will be fulfilled

The dreamer in me wants to know God (Love)


©Kenneth Maswabi



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