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This poem is a knife that divides our two realities…

Poem: The edge of reality


Every night

As I switch off the lights

My consciousness takes me far beyond reality

It’s not a far off place

It’s a place that’s hidden in plain sight

The edge of reality is under our eyelids

It’s from here that we find ourselves inside the cosmos of consciousness

All our known reality is paused and folded

Into tiny trinkets that are placed under our pillows

From here we are vaporized into the gravitational field of the mind

Where we find ourselves untangled from the present

In our nakedness we exist outside the fortified field of time and space

Pulled far beyond the comfort of our own homes

We are taken to the world of dreams

Where we find ourselves in the hands of unknown forces

Sometimes we are full of fear

Other times courage exposes our spirit

And we fight battles with both darkness and light

We soar above the clouds of existence

Free from our identities

Our ego and our attachments nowhere to be seen

We look under and beyond the carpet of existence

Only to find nothing but our true selves

Entangled on the strings of consciousness

We are swept back to ourselves

Where we finally open our eyes

Intoxicated with euphoria

Or sometimes full of confusion

As the sacred memory is broken down

To give way to our present reality


©Kenneth Maswabi



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