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This poem warns against the dangers of ego.

Poem: The Ego-ridden Society


This is the summit of foolishness

When our pockets are packed full of ego

And our faces are billboards for our ego-ridden psyches

It is definitely going to end in disaster

When our children develop ego before they can develop good manners

It is true that ego is a platform for confidence and maybe success

But the subtle monster is a far more dangerous beast than we can ever imagine

Capable of unleashing hell on earth

Ego is a categorical part of the material world

It is the solidifying of an identity or a particular achievement on the branch of life

Ego gorges on the sacred spiritual energies

Ego gobbles from the bowl of consciousness

Deliberately occluding the vessel of awareness

Distorting the truth with its lies, deceit and falsehoods

Intoxicating and polluting the substance of consciousness

It is through ego that one disengages with his/her true self

And paves a path of delusions and madness in a temporal and foreign world

Totally deceived by the contents of his/her thoughts

He/she finds pleasure in the feelings of superiority over others

And is catapulted into the realm of selfishness and eventually wickedness

This is the foundation of our ego-ridden societies

Where individualism, competition and judgement are celebrated

Humility, compassion and gentleness are shunned

Love is measured by a material yardstick

The ego-ridden society is a place of foolishness

Where inequality is normalized and poverty is tolerated

This is a rich environment for poverty, diseases and calamities to sprout

A dangerous place for all of humanity regardless of geographical location or race

It is time to cleanse our psyches and re-visit the vault of our conscience

It is time to consume true knowledge and rekindle the spirit of togetherness

This is the time for spiritual awakening and the pouring of our spirit on the carpet of existence

Not to disrobe ourselves of the vital energies but to connect ourselves to the truth

This is a time for unconditional Love to flow from one street to another, one heart to the other unabated

This is the time to get rid of our ego-ridden societies and build a new realm

A dimensionless realm on earth


©Kenneth Maswabi



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