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This poem lays down the foundation of unconditional love.

Poem: The enchanted encounter

The enchanted encounter


It’s is not pure tranquillity

That defines this relationship

It’s something more intense

Something beyond this reality

It’s the deep awareness

That surpasses all feelings

It’s the fortress of Love

That holds this alliance together

In a palpable state of pure freedom

There are no protruding emotions

To hold us at ransom

There are no invading forces

To bring fear to our hearts

All negativity has been subdued

All positive thoughts are securely planted

To bring nourishment to our souls

All emotions are busts of ecstasy

Erupting from the liquefied happiness within

Every smile is pure joy

That emanates from the garden of Love

Every laughter wields magical powers

That are planted back into the spirit

To cultivate happiness and peace

It’s not a fantasy

To drink from the spring of life

It’s a possibility

For those who are swallowed by nothingness

Those who are consumed by unconditional Love


©Kenneth Maswabi




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