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This poem is a mirror

Poem: The Entanglement


Amidst the chaos

Human philosophies met

Inside the turbulent waters of the socio-political strife

Human tendencies not discarded

Lines were drawn in the sand of our uncertain times

From inside the safe havens of social media

And on the side-lines of political disagreements

Another monster was weaved out of nothing

Science became the enemy of the people

A new disorder was born underneath the rubble

It is not certain whether this brawl was a result of extreme social distancing gone wrong

Or just another storm emerging from within the human psyche

But its brutal effects are real

Another major pandemic was woven within the mind of Man

The discordance of the time is palpable on the solid surface of this mess

There is no easy formula to disentangle this one

From all the debris of uncertainty, hopelessness and fear

We can only pray for common sense to reign

For the sons and daughters of Man to find it in their hearts

To forgive and forget, to punch through their philosophical discord

And pave a path of mutual understanding

This is going to be the second victory in the house of Man

The victory of consciousness is the victory of unconditional Love

It is imperative that the house of humanity is held together

Not by the forces of evil and hatred

But by the heart of goodness and selflessness

The argument about vaccines has to be settled urgently

Inside the sober mind of consciousness

Clarity is displayed on the canvas of life

We need to get rid of the Covid-19 pandemic by all means

We just need to shake off the dust of our philosophical disarray

It was a hell of a storm

Let’s begin the cleansing process, it might take some time

But it will be done


©Kenneth Maswabi



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