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This poem is not funny

Poem: The era of lies


It is an error to lie

But the clouds lie to me all the time

Hanging so low with their eyes swollen

They told me to stay home

Because a storm was on its way

I forgot to ask them about the margin of error

Inside their elaborate scheme of lies

I wondered about the climate change circus

Was it on show tonight?

The era of lies has driven all of us inside the social media bubble

Not prohibited by many of our inbuilt instincts and ethics

We started lying about everything

From our low budget trips inside our minds

To our fancy dresses stolen from the photo shop

We went all out and lied with our moulded facial expressions

We all pretended to be happy and full of swag

Even throughout the storm of Covid-19 pandemic

We did not shed a tear in our make-belief world

We introduced ourselves to strangers

And fell in love with their polished profiles

It is not a joke anymore

It is the intoxicating effects of virtual reality

But we are not alone in this era of lies

The trees went all out to showcase their flowers

But the colours were all different this time

Tainted with the specks of lies

Global warming has truly affected them

They are always sad but they keep up appearances

Pretending that everything is alright

I saw their tears the other day

But they came to me and lied still

“It was the morning dew,” they said

Not aware of the time of day

I was totally flabbergasted by this petri dish of lies


©Kenneth Maswabi



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