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The evolution of consciousness is a lesson on the ultimate life experience – the journey within. Dive deep into the dimensionless existence and swim through the ocean of consciousness.

Poem: The evolution of consciousness

Open your eyes

Search deep in the recesses of your being

Are you conscious to the fact that you possess consciousness?

Are you a vehicle of the conscious process or the fabric?

Look again into your existence

Is it possible to exist at a platform far above ordinary consciousness?

Are you insane enough?

What is sanity? Is it the ability to conform or the extraordinary ability to let go of yourself?

I am madly insane

I have captured the art of sanity and portrayed it on the canvas of life

It’s too boring to stay within the boundary of the “sane” and not forage deeper into your insanity

Insanity is when you listen to the deepest parts of your true self (i.e. Silence, emptiness, nothingness, Love)

And discover the ocean of consciousness

It’s true consciousness can be harnessed and elevated to higher levels of freedom

But to be truly conscious you need to let go of your ego

And embrace your emptiness

In this emptiness, there is nothingness

The extraordinary state of pure consciousness

It is not enough to master mathematics or physics or astronomy

Or even to accumulate wealth

It is more than enough to master your state of being

Optimizing your mind, body and soul

To exist at the level of nothingness

Cut through the cords of fear

Undress your identities and attachments

Embrace your nakedness

Love unconditionally

There is power inside your heart

Take a seat at the helm of your life

And watch the flow of miracles

It’s truly insane to exist at the level of eternity

Let peace be your clothes

Humility be your character

Love be your true self

At this level you are pure consciousness

Your existence has no limit

Your life is extraordinarily beautiful

You exist on the dimensionless realm


© Kenneth Maswabi




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