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This poem is a manuscript for the spirit poets

Poem: The eyes of life


It is not the most beautiful look

But the eyes of life look beautiful

It is neither the seductive eyes of romance

Nor the innocent eyes of childhood

It is a combination of joy and sorrow

It is the pain and the fear

It is the overwhelming happiness

That overpowers a child

Making him or her to jump with joy

It is the overwhelming sadness

That envelopes a grieving mother

Throwing her into the pit of turmoil

The eyes of life are found in fathers

As they battle the turbulence of fatherhood

The emotional sprain and strains that live in their eyes

The unsaid words that inhabit their innermost being

The eyes of life are displayed in a teenager

As he or she battles the overwhelming surge of hormones

The sudden flow of shyness or the embarrassment of an erect thought

It is the eyes of life that fills the Spirit Poet with words

Their tormented stare or even the beauty in their glariness

Gives the poet the meaning of life

The Spirit Poet has to wrestle with their emptiness or brightness

And overcome their stabbing pain or overbearing joy

The Spirit Poet has to enter into their circumstances

And feel their joy or sorrow

This is the meaning of Spirit Poetry

To be one with the eyes of life


©Kenneth Maswabi



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