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This poem opens a door into the inner workings of consciousness…eternal awareness.

Poem: The fabric of consciousness


In the mysterious realm of consciousness

There is no darkness or light

The platform has no dimensions

Neither day nor night

Joy and sorrow reside on one taste bud

Time is not divided into pieces of uncertainty

The “now” is the only relevant moment

Squeezing together all past and future moments

Into one certain piece of awareness

Creating hope out of nothingness

Consciousness looks into the future

Untainted by past events

And without fear of future events

The platform of consciousness is not solid

Or liquid or gaseous

There is only one state of being – awareness

Ever looking beyond time and space

Awareness is the only state of existence

That stares into eternity

Folding all the elements of fear (ego)

Awareness holds the key to clarity

Patience, contentment and Love

It is the fabric of consciousness

Now many have lost this mirror

Unable to look at the inner most aspects of the self

They have built a path of hopelessness

Haunted by their past memories

And horrified by their future prospects

They hold time and space in their hands

Unable to let go of their egos

Victims of their own senses, perceptions and thoughts

They are terminally ill

Unaware of the healing power of awareness

Awareness brings hope, faith and Love

Awareness erects a fortress around your ever changing mind

Planting an everlasting tree of knowledge

Unveiling an ever flowing spring of life

Revealing an ocean of Love

Beyond our wildest dreams (imagination)

Giving us the ecstatic taste of Love

Wrapping us in everlasting peace

Enveloping us in the purest form of light


©Kenneth Maswabi






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