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This poem is a spirituality poem talking about the importance of Silence.

Poem: The fabric of knowledge

I used to thirst for knowledge

Totally consumed by the act of opening new chapters

Attracted by the volumes of books yet to be opened

I was not selective in my consumption of knowledge

I ate all kinds of information and misinformation

I was bloated with all kinds of gibberish

From fiction to non-fiction

I was never satisfied

Until I found Silence (Spirituality)

Now Silence is the fountain of awareness

It’s not the many volumes of books that need my attention anymore

It’s the state of being that needs to be defined and refined

Until one is totally enveloped in Silence (Love)

In Silence you are born again

A new species of human beings emerge from the womb of nothingness

A new breed of mankind is moulded from the emptiness of the heart

In Silence, ego is totally shredded

Listening is sharpened

And the sounds of eternity are clearly heard

In Silence, a new kind of knowledge is illuminated from the vastness of nothingness

It’s neither madness nor academic excellence

It’s the centrepiece of existence

It’s awareness (spiritual)

The fabric of knowledge is awareness


© Kenneth Maswabi




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