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This poem is a path of the spirit

Poem: The Face of Wickedness


Many have been fed the soup of ideologies

In the name of education, science, politics and religion

Intoxicated by their new found belief systems

They stood on the podium of the house of humanity

And declared the human spirit dead

Subjecting the spirit of humanity

To the peripheries of human progress

They crafted new formulas for peace and happiness

Rejecting the river of living water

They manufactured sophisticated tastes and aromas

To delude the human mind

Brokering a new covenant with evil forces

They declared the covenant of Love null and void

This is the face of wickedness

When ideologies are used to turn us against each other

Fomenting a spirit of hatred, selfishness and wickedness

Inside the house of humanity

It is the concoction of palatable dishes from the pot of materialism

That has poisoned the heart of humanity

It is the falsification of the Word of God

That has separated the sons and daughters of God

Regardless of our colour, race and religion

The covenant of unconditional Love remains the same

That is the Truth and God is the Truth

The time has come for the house of humanity to be cleansed

And sanitized against the infiltration of evil forces

The heart of humanity is a beacon of hope

Spiritual awakening is not a call to the classroom of confusion

It is a call to submerge ourselves in the ocean of awareness

©Kenneth Maswabi





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