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This poem highlights the fault lines within our psyche as human beings.

Poem: The faulty Human Thought


Poetry has given me the platform

To enter the intricate house of humanity

And explore the deplorable state of being

It is not the lack of ornaments or state of the art technology

That makes this house shabby

It is the absence of a coherent spirit

The ancient spirit of unconditional Love has long been rejected

A spirit of togetherness is in shambles

A spirit of individualism is running amok

Even on the world stage, humanity has no face of Love

Just a bunch of bloated egos on one side

And a stack of poverty-ridden nations on the other side

All sitting at the long cold table of humanity

Trying to find the equation to happiness, peace and prosperity

It is not my position to bring judgement to this house

I am only in pursuit of the truth

It is the faulty human thought that has injected this poison

Into the house of humanity

The tendency to compete and outpace each other

Has rendered the ability to address each other with dignity and love nonsensical

The human instinct of Love has been demolished

And a wall of ideologies has been erected

The house of humanity has been remodelled

And a lot of bright colours and ideas introduced

But this innovation has not helped the situation

It has only magnified the fault lines inside our minds

We are a people obsessed with selfishness, wickedness and fear

We have even injected these attributes into our mathematical and economic equations

We even embraced the world of capitalism and politics as a tool to refurbish our house

We adopted the fragile manuscript of democracy to bandage our inner deficiencies

We came close to curing the debilitating state of racism, religious fundamentalism and nationalism

But we were found wanting in our ability to embrace change

We paddled back to our old habits

Even when Covid-19 disease hit our shores

We consulted our old weaknesses (faulty human thought)

And dispensed vaccines following the principles of inequality

We did not consult the heart of Love

We renegaded against the Spirit of unconditional Love

Now, we must pay the price

And bear the costs for a long and debilitating pandemic


©Kenneth Maswabi




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