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This poem opens a new field of operation…certainty.

Poem: The field of certainty


Science cannot open the door of certainty

Mathematical calculations are fumbling so close

But yet very far away from the point of certainty

Certainty is not a place for the mind

It’s the fibres of consciousness

That are submerged in certainty

It’s the bowl of existence

That is standing on the pedestal of certainty

Unless you open the curtain of your mind

And learn the art of emptiness

You will never walk in the field of certainty

The field of certainty is outside the perimeter of logic

It’s only when you hold Silence in your being

That you will feel the substance of certainty

It’s only when you allow yourself

To be totally submerged in nothingness

That you will become the fabric of certainty

There are no equations inside the human spirit

Only faith, hope and Love

There is no logic at the point of certainty

Only the emptiness of knowledge

The meaninglessness of meaning

There is only awareness

Inside the fountain of being


©Kenneth Maswabi




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