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This poem is the revelation of my heart.

Poem: The fruits of my madness


In my madness

I refused to accept the slice of reality given to me

I could not fit myself inside the classroom of life

It was just full of theories and gibberish

I needed something transcendental

Not the stuff that decays with time

The theories were all time and space-dependent

I wanted something which was timeless and space-less

I was thirsty to rediscover my true self

And drink from the river of my being

I knew it was a perilous journey

I faced so many obstacles

Laid down by the hands of Man

In his pursuit to hide the Truth

He turned everyone into followers

The spirit was discarded

And the entrance to the spiritual realm shut

It was a perfect plan

But it did not envision the presence of seekers, dreamers

And Lovers inside the house of humanity

Inside my madness,

I vomited all the substance of acquired knowledge

Removed all identities, attachments and expectations from my spirit

And remained holding only to my true self

In this way, I was liberated from the gibberish

I was left to float inside my own madness

I was finally on my way home

I started the consumption of Silence

Emptied all of my thoughts, emotions and experiences

I became the molecule of nothingness

Totally free to indulge in the ways of the phantasmal

I am now a fully-fledged Lover, Dreamer and Seeker

I seek only after the Light of God

I dream only about unconditional Love

I Love to Love and be loved

The substance of my being is my tabernacle

An altar to pray and praise the living God

God is the Truth


©Kenneth Maswabi


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