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This poem looks at the foundation of Love.

Poem: The fundamentals of Love


Like the molecules of water

Love does not adhere to the surface of life

It seeps through the fabric of life

Circulating in the venous system of existence

To address and undress the needs of all

It causes a flower to bloom

As much as it causes a baby to smile

It’s intrinsically beautiful

And profusely wonderful

It’s neither joy nor happiness

It’s far sweeter than nectar

It’s the ecstasy of life

Love does not follow a certain path

It follows all paths

Love is not a wedding ceremony

Or an emotional awakening

Love is the fountain of life

Love needs not material structures

To form permanent attachments

Or to lubricate the heart of humanity

Love is not a liquid

It does not evaporate into thin air

Love is an everlasting flow of concentrated Love

It’s fundamentally and structurally impossible to erase Love

Love is the flow of nothingness into the substance of life

In short Love is God

And God is Love


©Kenneth Maswabi


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